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From the 'Power Search' box at the top left of the screen you can quickly and easily search the top investment web sites in the UK all in one go. This can save you an enormous amount of time and will probably result in you finding news that you would otherwise have missed.

When you type your search criteria in the 'Power Search' box, e.g. 'Vodafone', we will call the search routines of the best financial web sites in the UK and then display all the search results on one page.

So, rather than going to UK-Wire to search for news on a company, then off to the Hemmington Scott bulletin board to find out what other investors are saying about it and then off to Yahoo's finance section to see what news it has you can now type in your search here and search them all simultaneously!

HINT: To get the best results when searching for information on a particular company try entering the company's actual name (or part of) rather than the epic code. E.g. to search for information on Imagination Technologies try entering 'imagination' rather than 'IMG'. This will give you far more results.

This is because the epic code means nothing to many of the sites searched by the Power Search. Sites such as AFX refer to the companies by their name and not their epic codes, so if you search them with a company's epic code you will miss lots of information as the articles you want will not be found.

On a few sites, like the bulletin boards searched, people do sometimes enter the epic code of the company so you may like to also try entering the epic code as a second search. That may find a few more articles occasionally.

We are also going to continue to add other financial sites to the list of those searched, so this tool will become even more powerful over time!

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