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Check out the online store of the United Kingdom's largest Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and garden centre retailer B & Q and browse through or quickly & efficiently search through their catalogue (approximately 45,000 garden & home improvement products). Feel fully informed - keep an eye out for their latest special offers & exclusive online reductions.

Established in 1969 by Mr. R Block & Mr. D Quayle their principle aim in the store was to produce an environment that would be less intimidating to the DIY enthusiast yet offered a full range of building and home improvement supplies. The first B&Q store was in Southampton - called Block & Quayle after the business partners is was soon shortened to its current name B&Q. The B&Q format of offering a broad range of building & DIY products at low prices proved popular and along with extensions to traditional retail hours this successful combination led to subsequent store expansions. Although the DIY B&Q store chain and brand were acquired by the Kingfisher group in the early 1980's this winning formula has not altered and the chain has continued to expand. At present B & Q leads both UK and European markets for Do It Yourself retail, globally it is the 3rd largest company. Other figures about the firm that you may find interesting include:

  • No. employees approx. 35,000
  • Total retail space = over 20,000,000 sq. ft
  • Over £4 billion annual turnover (2004/5)
  • over £400,000,000 profit (2004/5)
  • With just under four hundred B&Q stores across the globe only sixty are international - the remaining 300+ are based in the United Kingdom. Of these 300+ B and Q stores approximately 70 are mini-warehouses and over 100 are of the larger format known as B&Q Warehouse - these are mainly located out-of-town and stock most of their full 45,000+ range of DIY and gardening products. The remainder that make up the rest of B&Q stores however are the smaller and more traditional B&Q Superstore.

    The B & Q web site for home purchasing and delivery of B&Q stock was launched in 2001 - it has a fantastic array of their DIY & garden merchandise as well as latest offers, clearance & special reduced items. The web store has a simple (yet highly effective) search facility or you can easily navigate through their on line departments for great ideas in home improvement. Favourite and often visited departments include bathrooms, kitchens (including their interactive kitchen planner), doors, loungers, mowers, fires and radiators. So for the widest UK selection of home & garden maintenance and improvement products, safe & secure shopping visit the online B&Q store.

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    B & Q Products and Services Offered

    Things you can buy from B & Q's online shop include the following:

    Appliances - Stoves, Built in Appliances, Hinari, Appliance Packs, Indesit.
    Bathrooms - Hydrotherapy Range, Bathroom Furniture, Taps, Ventilation, Towel Radiators.
    Bedroom Furniture - Bedroom Savings, Maple Shaker Style, Contemporary Oak Style, Beech Shaker Style, Oak Shaker Style.
    Conservatories - Conservatory Blinds, Conservatory Savings, Litespace Extensions, Victorian Conservatories, Free Style Conservatories.
    Cooling & Heating - Dehumidifiers and Air Purification, Air Conditioning, Desk and Pedestal Fans, Radiators and Cabinets.
    Doors - Interior Doors, Door Furniture, Bifold Doors, Window Security, Litespace Extensions.
    Electrical Fittings - Switches & Sockets, TV Accessories, Extension Leads and Reels.
    Fires - Contemporary Fires, Gas Fires, Hearths Mantels & Back Panels, Complete Gas Suites, Fireside Accessories.
    Flooring - Trade Carpet Tiles, Skirting, Underlay, Mats, Flooring Accessories.
    Garden Buildings - Greenhouses, Cabins, Wooden Sheds, Summerhouses, Workshops.
    Garden Centre - Garden Features, Garden Furniture, Outdoor Fun, Paving Decking and Aggregates, Fencing Trellis and Gates.
    Garden Furniture - Garden Furniture Richmond Style, Garden Furniture Mediterranean Style, Garden Furniture Canterbury Style, Garden Furniture Milan Style, Garden Furniture Sandringham Style.
    Garden Power - Pressure Washers, Trailers, Lawn Mowers, Shredders and Blow Vacs, Garden Power Clearance.
    Home Decor - Paint, Curtain Poles - Web Exclusive Prices 25% off, Stair Balustrading, Switches and Sockets, Soft Furnishings Shop.
    Home Technology - Telephone Accessories, PC Networking, PC Accessories, Extension Leads and Reels, Home Entertainment.
    Kitchens - Handles and Legs, Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Packs, Ventilation, Storage and Accessories.
    Ladders - Multipurpose Ladders, Loft Ladders, Ladder Accessories, Extension Ladders, Platform Ladders.
    Lighting - Tablelamps, Ceiling and Wall Lights, Childrens Lighting, Spotlights, Ceiling Shades.
    Plumbing - Water Softening and Scale Reducing Equipment, Water Filters, Plumbing Fittings, Tools and Chemicals, Traps and Wastes.
    Power Tools - Ryobi Power tools, Dremel Power tools, Compressors Welders and Generators, Performance Power Power tools, Screwdrivers.
    Radiators & Cabinets - Large Radiator Cabinets, Medium Radiator Cabinets, Modern Radiator Cabinets, Towel Radiators, Mini Radiator Cabinets.
    Safety & Security - Fire Safety, Child Safety, Window Security, Security Lighting, Safes and Paper Shredders.
    Tiles - Natural Tiles, Wall Tiles, Mosaic Tiles, Underfloor Heating, Adhesive and Grout.

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    B&Q warehouse

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