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Mothercare UK -visit the top British store for expectant mothers & their children today!

The retailer Mothercare was already well established before launching the Mothercare World web site in 1999. With over thirty five years retail expertise in the baby care sector Mothercare UK's Internet focus was initially on providing clear information and guidance for expectant & young mothers, but with the rising popularity in home online shopping they soon branched into Internet product placement and sales. The Mothercare direct section of the firm includes Internet sales and Mothercare catalogue - thus enhancing the regular in-store service by extending both Mothercare UK's product range and information services to areas outside of their current retail store locations. In 2003/4 Mothercare direct reported very favourable returns with annual sales of approximately £18,000,000 (representing around £1,400,000 profit which translates to an increase of 100%+ from same period 2002/3).

The Mothercare World online catalogue offers a diverse product range for mums-to-be & their kids with highly popular departments including bath & baby care, clothing, feeding, maternity, nursery, safety, travel, toys & gifts. These departments are broken down further into separate divisions such as bedding, essentials, furniture & furnishings.

For example of their wide product range the ever popular Mothercare UK online range of baby furniture includes the following popular items:

  • Baby cribs
  • Baby cots
  • Baby high chairs
  • Baby and child playpens
  • Child dressers
  • Child gates and guards
  • Storage
  • Wardrobes for children
  • Mothercare UK for all their latest offers and seasonal goods, gifts, advice and services for mothers-to-be and children aged 0 - 8 visit their online web store.

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    Mothercare Products and Services Offered

    Things you can buy from Mothercare's online shop include the following:

    Bath & Babycare - thermometers, toilet training, co-ordinated bath sets, toiletries, nappy changing.
    Clothing - baby boy clothes, dress-ups, boys clothes, newborn clothing, girls clothes.
    Feeding - highchairs, bottle feeding, sterilising equipment, breast feeding, weaning equipment.
    First Bedrooms - kid's room sets, kid's bedroom furniture, kid's bedding sets, mattresses, kid's bedding basics.
    Maternity - maternity underwear, maternity fashion, maternity nightwear, hospital bag, pregnancy books.
    Nursery - nursery room sets, mattresses, baby monitors, activity, cot bedding.
    Safety - gates and playpens, child safety essentials, guards, baby monitors.
    Special Offers - toys and gifts, at home, travel, clothing, web specials.
    The Gift Service - newborn baby, dad, books, newborn boy, mum.
    Toys - Little Tikes, school accessories, dolls and accessories, activity 24mths, Tiny Love.
    Travel - Mothercare pushchairs, Maclaren pushchairs, travel cots, Graco pushchairs, Inglesina car seats.

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    Mothercare UK

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